The Team
Name: Robert Vito Salinas
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 8-18
College: The SPC
Major: Catastrophe
Favorite Color: Murdered 
Favorite Book: Women
Movie of the Month: Fearless Freaks (Flaming Lips Doc) 
Favorite Food: Pizza & Sushi
Favorite Quote: Life is too short to live without poetry...

Name: MacDaddy
Age: 2
Birthday: April 13, 2009
College: Apple University
Major: Malfunction
Favorite Color: CMYK
Favorite Book: OSX 4 Dummies
Movie of the Month: Tron
Favorite Food: Mega Bytes Yum!
Favorite Quote: Once you go Mac you never go back!

Music of the Now!
Rocky Votolato
Broken Bells
Jarrod Gorbel
Gaslight Anthem
Minus The Bear